Currently, Karl Fritz Art uses the high-quality printing and custom framing services available through Fine Art America for your fine art prints. Our Limited Edition Series are custom printed, signed an numbered by Karl at his studio, then framed and shipped to your specifications. For all our art your ordering process is simple, secure and personalized for you. Here are the most common questions our clients ask us while purchasing art.

1. When I’m configuring my order, what’s the difference between the “image size” and the “overall size”?

The image size is the actual size of the image. If it says 8″ x 10″, for example, then the image will actually be printed to be 8″ x 10″. The overall size includes any extra material that surrounds the image (e.g. mats, frames, white border, etc.) If you order a print without a mat or frame, for example, we automatically apply a white border around all four sides. Paper prints get a 1″ white border. Canvas prints get a 2.5″ white border. The added border makes it easier for you to mat, frame, and/or stretch your print on your own.

2. Do you use archival inks and acid-free papers?
Yes. All the inks are archival and all the papers are acid-free that are used to create your art.

3. Is there a UV protectant to protect my prints?

All canvas prints, framed prints, regular prints (rolled in a tube), and greeting cards receive a UV protective coating. Metal prints and acrylic prints do not receive a protective coating.

4. Will the Karl Fritz Art logo or the Fine Art America logo appear on my art?

No watermark logo will appear on your art. The Fine Art America logo only appears on images on their ordering website to discourage image theft.

5. How are you limited editions different than a regular fine art print?

Limited edition art prints are custom printed and proofed by the artist. All limited edition images are controlled and not sold as regular fine art prints or on any product.  All edition pieces are signed and numbered by Karl Fritz. Each piece comes with an original (not photocopied) certificate of authenticy (COA), also signed and numbered by the artist. The COA also includes a high resolution thumbnail of the limited edition print for verification. You can see more information and an example of a COA here.

Custom framing and packing is available for limited edition art or it can be shipped unframed and rolled in a tube. Certain papers and substrates cannot be rolled.  See the details of each limited edition for shipping recommendations.

*See below for shipping schedules regarding  limited editions.

6. For the select art images that offer greeting card sets, can I order the cards with my personalized messages on the inside?

Yes. There is a short Fine Art America video available during the ordering process. it will show you how to personalize your greeting cards.

7. Can my art be shipped worldwide?

Yes. If you can receive a package via UPS or FedEx, then we can ship to you!

8. When will my art ship?

All art* require 2 – 3 business days to create before shipping. Your art will be shipped as soon as it is created. You choose the “speed” for shipping when you place your order. If you can receive a package via UPS or FedEx, then we can ship to you!

Please Note: Even if you select “overnight” as your shipping method, please allow the time (2-3 days) to actually create, frame (optional) and packaging your art.

Gifting Art: If you have chosen to give someone art as a gift, the gift card will be sent instantly via e-mail to the gift recipient. This way, they will be watching for the shipment if you have shipped the gift directly to them.

*Limited Edition (LE) Shipping: LE pieces are shipped directly from the artist’s studio. Unframed rolled pieces are shipped within 3-5 business days. Framed pieces are shipped within 10 business days.

Send us any questions you may have…

We look forward to answering all your questions.

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